Tuesday, January 16, 2018

TTM Tuesday: Actor & Radio Personality

I still haven't sent out any ttm requests in 2018. I need to get on that, but every once in a while I'll get a return back.

Here are two I received back recently. Both are sports related, but aren't athletes.

First up is actor Robert Wuhl on a 2016 Topps Archives Bull Durham card.

Next is Mike Greenberg. Greeny spent 19 years as the co-host of ESPN's Mike & Mike radio and television show.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Topps Hank Aaron Collection

I'm not sure when it happened, but sometime during my childhood, Hank Aaron became my favorite player that I never actually saw play.

His final Topps cards featured during his playing days; the 1976 Topps Record Breaker and base Topps card were the first vintage cards I ever bought. A few years back I picked up a well loved 1954 Topps Henry Aaron RC and at that point I decided I'd try to collect all his Topps cards in between.

Between his base, All-Star and League Leader cards there are 68 different Topps Hank Aaron cards between 1954 and 1976.

For me condition isn't all that important. In fact, the poor condition is what allows me to find them within my budget.

I still have a few Aaron cards I need to scan and add to the post.

1954 Topps #128

1955 Topps #47

1956 Topps  #31 Gray Back

1956 Topps #31 White Back

1957 Topps #20 (Photo is reversed)

1958 Topps #30 White Name

1958 Topps #30 Yellow Name

1958 Brave's Fence Busters #351

1958 Topps World Series Batting Foes #418

1958 Topps All-Star #488

1959 Topps #380

1959 Topps Fence Busters #212

1959 Topps Aaron clubs World Series Homer #467

1959 Topps All-Star #561

1960 Topps #300

1960 Topps All-Star #566

1961 Topps #415

1961 Topps N.L. Home Run Leaders #43

1961 Topps MVP #484

1961 Topps All-Star #577

1962 Topps #320

1962 Topps All-Star #394

1963 Topps #390

1963 Topps N.L. Batting Leaders #1

1963 Topps N.L. Home Run Leaders #3

1963 Topps Power Plus #390

1964 Topps #300

1964 Topps N.L. Batting Leaders #7

1964 Topps N.L. Home Run Leaders #9

1964 Topps N.L. RBI Leaders #11

1964 Topps Tops in N.L. #423

1965 Topps #170

1965 Topps N.L. Batting Leaders #2

1966 Topps #500

1966 Topps N.L. Batting Leaders #215

1967 Topps #250

1967 Topps N.L. RBI Leaders #242

1967 Topps N.L. Home Run Leaders #244

1968 Topps #110

1968 Topps N.L. Home Run Leaders #5

1968 Topps All-Stars #370

1969 Topps #100
1970 Topps #500

1970 Topps N.L. Home Run Leaders #65

1970 Topps All-Star #462

1971 Topps #400

1972 Topps #299

1972 Topps In Action #300

1972 Topps N.L. RBI Leaders #87

1972 Topps N.L. Home Run Leaders #89

1973 Topps #100

1973 Topps All-Time Home Run King #1

1973 Topps #473

1974 Topps All-Time Home Run King #1

1974 Topps Aaron Special 1954-57 #2

1974 Topps Aaron Special 1958-61 #3

1974 Topps Aaron Special 1962-65 #4

1974 Topps Aaron Special 1966-69 #5

1974 Topps Aaron Special 1970-73 #6

1974 Topps #332 All-Star First Baseman

1975 Topps #660

1975 Topps '74 Highlights #1

1975 Topps 1957 MVP's #195

1975 Topps Mini #660

1975 Topps Mini '74 Highlights #1

1975 Topps Mini 1957 MVP's #195

1976 Topps #550

1976 Record Breaker #1

68 Topps Hank Aaron cards from 1954 - 1976

Sunday, January 14, 2018

2003 Upper Deck Play Ball The Yankee Clipper: 1941 Hitting Streak

I've always liked the 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball Yankee Clipper 1941 Hitting Streak cards. The 56 card set features one card for each of the games in Joe DiMaggio's MLB record hit streak. The cards feature a box score from each game and have a manufactured relic feel to them.

I've toyed with the idea of putting the set together on several occasions, but I recently decided to go for it. I'll be on the look out for them at good prices and would be open to trades. Not in a big hurry, but would look forward to picking these up when I find them.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Five More Goldschmidts

I was going through my scans and discovered another 5 Goldschmidt cards that I hadn't shown on the blog or added to my Goldschmidt list for 2017. With these five, it puts me at 173 new Goldschmidt cards in 2017.

These were from ebay purchases in December.

This was a a four card lot I got for about $10 shipped.

Next up is this 2017 Triple Threads Gold Unity Relic.

Monday, January 8, 2018

The last from 2017!

For the past three days I showed off some nice, but lower-end Goldschmidt cards that I got from comc recently. I've got a few more Goldschmidt cards to show off to finish up those that I got in 2017, including a really nice one.

These came from my LCS on New Years Adam, you know, the day before New Years Eve.

I don't think you can tell from the scan, but this is the foil version.

This is the regular back mini.

Here is a non licensed Honus Bonus game card. 

And another non licensed Panini Chronicles card. 

And my final Goldschmidt pickup of 2017 came as a Christmas present to myself via a baseball card Facebook group I'm in.

It's from 2015 Five Star. It's autographed and numbered to 35.

If my calculations are correct, with these 5 cards I'll have added 173 Goldschmidt cards to my collection in 2017 and now sit at 385 different Goldschmidt cards. Thank you to all the bloggers out there that have sent Goldschmidt cards my way!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Seven on Sunday

Alright, let's finish up my Goldschmidt cards from comc.

Remember how I mentioned I like gold parallels of Goldschmidt?

Here are a few others.